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  • Изменения в Foobar2000

Foobar2000 1.4.1

Исправлены ошибки


  • Better error message when trying to open M4A file renamed to .aac.
  • Added %video_codec% info for Matroska and MP4 files.
  • Added support for PCM audio in MP4 container.
  • Made mouse wheel work in playlist view during a drag&drop operation.
  • Improved handling of classical music metadata for iTunes M4A files.
  • Added %bitspersample_extra% info to tell between int32/float32 PCM files.
  • Added support for ID3v2 iTunes Grouping field.
  • Converter: advanced-preferences option to encode to temp folder and move encoded-and-tagged files to the intended destination.
  • Made tag update operations not fail when another application has the file open for reading.
  • Corrected wrong bitrate shown for FLAC in Matroska container.
  • Corrected labels for F13-F24 keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed bugs with ReplayGain Scanner's automatic resampling of high sample rate content.
  • Bumped maximum allowed sample rate to deal with DSD1024 content.
  • Made Media Library respect 'include hidden files & folders' setting in Advanced Preferences.
  • Converter with “don't reset DSP between tracks” now respects DSP-reported latency for proper handling of gapless albums.
  • PPHS resampler bug fixes (inaccurate reported latency, crashing with extreme sample rates).
  • Fixed ReplayGain scan results showing zero peaks on near-silent 24-bit files.
  • New and improved buffering scheme for improved network streaming performance (ported from foobar2000 mobile).
  • Internet radio handling regressions from 1.4 fixed; added an Advanced Preferences setting for ShoutCast metadata codepage.
  • Fixed component auto update on Windows XP (1.4 regression).
  • Added an Advanced Preferences option to toggle asymmetric search, reverting search behaviors to 1.3 style.
  • Added title formatting fields for showing track/album peaks as decibel values.
  • Improved status feedback from batch attach album art tool.
  • Pressing “next” past the end of playlist now restarts the playlist even without “repeat” mode.
  • Made Converter “copy other files” feature respect parent folder (..\pattern) references.
  • Added EXTM3U info writing (enabled via advanced preferences).
  • Added 5.1 and 7.1 upmix DSPs.
  • (beta 2) Deleting the currently playing files no longer shows error popups (1.4 regression).
  • (beta 2) Fixed repaint glitches in media library search edit box.
  • (beta 3) Updated Opus decoder to latest libopus 1.3.
  • (beta 3) Fixed a bug causing poor Default UI playlist performance with tens of thousands of item.
  • (beta 3) Fixed incompatibility with certain HTTP servers causing music files to fail to play from those servers.
  • (beta 3) Internet radio regression fixes.
  • (beta 3) Made DSP presets in the toolbar sorted.
  • (beta 5) Worked around the disappearing window bug of Windows 10 1809.
  • (beta 5) Made technical info properly shown for various Ogg based internet radios (Vorbis, Opus, FLAC).

Foobar2000 1.4

Исправлены ошибки

foobar2000 change log - version 1.4



  • Added preferences page to adjust priority order of installed decoders.
  • Greatly improved DSP manager dialog.
  • Added output mode switcher toolbar item to Default User Interface.
  • Converter improvements:
    • Keeping incomplete/problematic output files is now optional; they're deleted by default.
    • New and improved overwrite prompt dialog.
    • FDK AAC is now among the default presets (beta 2).
  • ReplayGain scanner improvements:
    • Apply gain to file content feature now runs in multiple threads and supports MP2 content.
    • Added command to manually manipulate Opus header gain field for both .opus and Matroska.
  • Playlist & Media Library search use a new text-matching algorithm similar to Unicode Asymmetric Search.
  • Reworked Default User Interface Preferences pages; improved options for minimize & close behaviors.
  • Cosmetic tweaks; prettier buttons attached to editboxes in various dialogs.
  • Cleaned up Opus header gain manipulation, reported value no longer offseted by 5 dB, made header gain respected when embedded in Matroska container.
  • Matroska support improvements, improved seeking performance on files without seektables.
  • Made possible to choose between alternate audio streams in MP4 and Matroska files.
  • Implemented WebM internet stream playback.
  • Made Album List remember expanded nodes (beta 2).
  • Raised track count limit for cue sheets from 99 to 999 (beta 2).

Foobar2000 1.3.17

Исправлены ошибки

foobar2000 change log - version 1.3.17



  • Fixed horrible, horrible bug with Ctrl+A “select all” handler in edit boxes stealing altgr+a making it impossible to type “ą”.
  • Made possible to retag MP4/M4A files without 'ftyp' header.
  • Prevented decoding of broken MP3 frames that overlap with apparent file tags.
  • Allowed decoding of WAV files with sample rates above 1MHz.
  • Converter: Made format list sorting remembered.
  • Fixed tags not being read from certain WAV files.
  • Internal fixes to allow foo_input_exe/foo_input_ffmpeg decoding of HLS & RTMP streams.
  • Added internal IMA ADPCM decoder for specific WAV files that system codec refuses to process.

Foobar2000 1.3.16

Исправлены ошибки


  • Fixed horrible, horrible bug with inverted checkmarks in advanced preferences at 150% text size.
  • Network streaming: added handlers for more HTTP redirect codes.
  • Fixed foobar2000 process not setting its working directory to its installation location on startup.
  • FLAC tagging fixes.

Foobar2000 1.3.15

  • Improved compatibility with certain internet radio stations.
  • Tag manipulation improvements.
    • When editing tags of iTunes-encoded M4A files, excess padding (often as much as 32 kilobytes) will be removed.
    • Better handling of WMA “rating” field.
  • Default UI album art viewer now less likely to make app unresponsive when attempting to load pictures from a lagging network share.
  • Embedded album art loading performance tweaks.
  • Updated FLAC library (1.3.2)
  • Updated zlib (1.2.11)
  • Unicode filenames within ZIP files now work correctly.
  • Added “skip all” button to Converter overwrite prompt dialog.
  • Fixed resampler configuration sample rate pickers not allowing more than five digits.

Foobar2000 1.3.14


  • Fixed bugs with conversion to multitrack (chained streams) Opus.
  • Fixed a glitch in plaintext library/playlist search query handling.
  • Various cosmetic fixes for high DPI screens.
  • File Operations component updated: smarter file delete feature, with options in advanced settings.

Foobar2000 1.3.13


google translate :

Исправленная 1.3.12 регрессии вызывает некоторые конфигурации DSP к краху.
Новая утилита команды для оптимизации компоновки файла и минимизировать размер файла.
Улучшена совместимость с некоторыми интернет-радиостанций.

original :


  • Corrected 1.3.12 regression causing certain DSP configurations to crash.
  • New utility commands to optimize file layout & minimize file size.
  • Improved compatibility with certain internet radio stations.

Foobar2000 1.3.12



google translate :

Исправленные различные 1.3.11 пауза регрессий.
Исправлено "удалить теги" на MP4 / M4A файлы неправильно, показывая, что файл все еще имеет некоторые метаданные сразу после удаления.
Плоский эквалайзер теперь производит битовый поток идентичный.
Предотвращена затирания из ITunes "Кодирование Params" метки на MP4 / M4A обновления тегов.
Теперь, используя WavPack5 декодер с поддержкой файлов размером более 4 гигабайт.
Обновленный ZIP архив читатель теперь поддерживает ZIP файлы размером более 4 гигабайт.

original :


  • Corrected various 1.3.11 pause regressions.
  • Corrected “remove tags” on MP4/M4A files incorrectly showing that the file still has some metadata immediately after the removal.
  • Flat equalizer now produces bit identical stream.
  • Prevented clobbering of iTunes “Encoding Params” tag on MP4/M4A tag update.
  • Now using WavPack5 decoder with support for files larger than 4 gigabytes.
  • Updated ZIP archive reader now supports ZIP files larger than 4 gigabytes.

Foobar2000 1.3.11


google translate :

Фиксированный dBpoweramp / SSRC пересчет размеров в экстремальных сбоя вращения случаях повышающей дискретизации.
Исправлена неправильное поведение FFmpeg -strict опции уровня коррекции.
Запись саундчека тегов [экспериментальных], а также пакетного копирования ReplayGain до саундчека.
Исправлена ошибка "Удалить теги" не снимая всех возможных типов тегов с FLAC и M4A форматы.
Фиксированные свойства диалоговых блокировку на определенных метаданных.
Сделано CUESHEET и глава операции редактирования автоматически обновлять затрагиваемым списки воспроизведения.
Фиксированный Ctrl + A в различных многопоточных editboxes, диалоге свойств и его подкомитетов диалогах, в частности.
Улучшена совместимость с некоторыми некорректных файлов M4A.

original :


  • Fixed dBpoweramp/SSRC resampler glitching in extreme upsampling cases.
  • Fixed misbehavior of FFmpeg -strict level override option.
  • Writing of SoundCheck tags [experimental] as well as batch copying ReplayGain to SoundCheck.
  • Fixed “Remove tags” not removing every possible tag type with FLAC and M4A formats.
  • Fixed Properties dialog locking up on certain metadata.
  • Made cuesheet & chapter edit operations automatically update affected playlists.
  • Fixed Ctrl+A in various multiline editboxes, Properties dialog and its sub-dialogs in particular.
  • Improved compatibility with certain malformed M4A files.

foobar2000 v1.3.10 beta 2


google translate :

Исправлено написание пустых тегов ID3v2 при попытке удалить все прикрепленные изображения из файлов, которые не имеют ID3v2 тег еще.
Добавлена обработка M4A тегом "Проводник" значение метаданных.
Исправлен вылет на слишком длинных URL-адресов.
Обновленный Opus декодер 1.1.1
Исправлено чтение ITunes "компиляции" флаг из ID3v2.2 тегов, как написано по умолчанию с помощью ITunes.
Улучшена обработка неправильно сформированных файлов AIFF.
Обновлен FFmpeg 3.0
Добавлена поддержка AAC необработанных файлов с ID3v2 тэгов. Следует отметить, что использование сырого формата AAC не рекомендуется, пожалуйста, используйте вместо MP4 / M4A.
"Добавить папку" теперь принимает несколько выбранных папок при работе Windows Vista или более поздней версии.
Работал вокруг паразитных пунктов контекстного меню в Windows Explorer.
Отменены все исправления оболочки интеграции с 1.3.9 и 1.3.10 бета 1. Они сломали больше, чем они фиксированные при попытке работать вокруг очевидной ошибка в Windows 10.

original :


  • Fixed writing of empty ID3v2 tags when attempting to remove all attached pictures from files that do not have an ID3v2 tag yet.
  • Added handling of M4A tag “Conductor” metadata value.
  • Fixed crash on too long URLs.
  • Updated Opus decoder to 1.1.1
  • Fixed reading of iTunes “compilation” flag from ID3v2.2 tags as written by default by iTunes.
  • Improved handling of malformed AIFF files.
  • Updated FFmpeg to 3.0
  • Added support for raw AAC files with ID3v2 tags. Note that use of raw AAC format is discouraged, please use MP4/M4A instead.
  • “Add Folder” now accepts multiple selected folders if running Windows Vista or newer.
  • Worked around spurious context menu items in Windows Explorer.
  • Reverted all shell integration fixes from 1.3.9 and 1.3.10 beta 1. They broke more than they fixed while attempting to work-around an obvious bug in Windows 10.