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Mp3Tag v2.89a

Исправлены ошибки

[2018-07-12]  REL: VERSION 2.89a (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2018-07-12]  FIX: navigating via Tab from and to Tag Panel did not work as intended (since v2.88c).
[2018-07-12]  CHG: improved writing performance for Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files. (#42307)
[2018-07-12]  FIX: runtime error on some systems when file creation and modification dates were
                   malformed (since v2.88f).
[2018-07-11]  FIX: runtime error when executing user-defined tools with files with UNC paths (since
                   v2.88f). (#42250)
[2018-07-11]  FIX: performance regression when running export on large libraries on network shares
                   (since v2.88f). (#42250)
[2018-07-11]  FIX: relative paths at actions 'Import cover from file' and 'Import text file' were
                   not supported anymore (since v2.88f). (#42288)
[2018-07-11]  LNG: updated Hebrew and Italian language files.

Mp3Tag v2.88a

Исправлены ошибки

[2018-05-31]  REL: VERSION 2.88a (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2018-05-31]  FIX: horizontal scroll bar was not updated in some lists after column was resized.
[2018-05-31]  FIX: drag and drop from other applications did not work in some cases. (#41836)
[2018-05-30]  FIX: runtime error when reading Vorbis Comments from FLAC files with invalid UTF-8
[2018-05-29]  FIX: fields on Tag Panel did not use whole horizontal space when docked vertically.

Mp3Tag v2.87a

Исправлены ошибки

[2018-03-29]  REL: VERSION 2.87a (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2018-03-29]  FIX: LAME encoder version had invalid trailing character in some cases. (#41241)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2018-03-29]  REL: VERSION 2.87 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2018-03-25]  FIX: MusicBrainz multi-disc releases were not parsed correctly.
[2018-03-23]  CHG: improved mapping of Matroska tag fields.
[2018-03-23]  LNG: updated Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese-Brazil
                   and Spanish language files.
[2018-03-22]  FIX: failed to write tags to Matroska files where SeekHead could not be directly
                   expanded. (#40933)
[2018-03-19]  FIX: navigating with tab key on tag panel did not scroll in case input field was
                   outside the visible region. (#41132)
[2018-03-19]  FIX: check for updates did not work on some systems (since v2.86f).
[2018-03-18]  FIX: tooltips for Tag Panel input fields did not display ampersand characters.
[2018-03-18]  FIX: uncommitted changes to the filter text in manual filtering mode gave unexpected
                   filter result when re-enabling the filter. (#41116)
[2018-03-18]  CHG: reverted change from v2.86f where language identifier and description were not
                   displayed for UNSYNCEDLYRICS if both are default ('eng' and empty). (#41109)
[2018-03-17]  CHG: updated internally used libraries.
[2018-03-15]  NEW: added option to enable/disable auto-applying filter to filter helper menu.
[2018-03-14]  CHG: don't display language identifier and description for UNSYNCEDLYRICS if both are
                   default ('eng' and empty).
[2018-03-14]  FIX: saving UNSYNCEDLYRICS for ID3v2 omitted text if pipe symbol occurred in lyrics
                   text. (#11617)
[2018-03-12]  CHG: files that were moved are now kept in file list independent of the target
                   location. (#19786)
[2018-03-12]  FIX: keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+N and Ctrl+Shift+N did not commit change while in
                   file-list editing mode.
[2018-03-12]  FIX: keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S for saving tag-panel contents was active in file-list
                   editing mode and discarded input. (#19760)
[2018-03-11]  FIX: another runtime error when performing drag'n'drop from external applications.
[2018-03-09]  FIX: WAV files > 2GB could not be tagged. (#40989)
[2018-03-09]  FIX: some links in about dialog were broken. (#40978)
[2018-03-04]  FIX: installation mode could not be changed via keyboard.
[2018-02-27]  FIX: runtime error when editing in file list in some cases (since 2.86c).
[2018-02-27]  FIX: UI became unresponsive in case many operations were executed via tag write or
                   actions. (#40907, #40923)
[2018-02-26]  FIX: runtime error when performing sequential drag'n'drop from multiple applications.
[2018-02-26]  FIX: runtime error when adding cover via extended tag dialog when underlying files
                   have been replaced.
[2018-02-21]  FIX: auto-save did not remove varied cover art when removed via tag panel. (#40836)
[2018-02-21]  FIX: runtime error when changing library settings while performing other file
                   operations. (#40797)
[2018-02-20]  FIX: scripting function $strstr did return nothing instead of 0 if the search string
                   wasn't found. (#19637)
[2018-02-19]  FIX: runtime error when performing undo via keyboard shortcut while in-place editing
                   in the file list.
[2018-02-18]  NEW: placeholder %_tool% for MP3 now contains used LAME encoder version (if present).
[2018-02-17]  CHG: reimplemented MP3 audio info parsing.
[2018-02-15]  FIX: fields absent from a subset of files were erroneously shown as present and
                   identical at extended tag dialog in some cases.
[2018-02-12]  FIX: anything else than lower-case %_filename% did not allow column-editing when used
                   in column configuration. (#19797)
[2018-02-04]  FIX: cover mimetypes were not parsed for APEv2 tags in some cases (since 2.86).
[2018-01-27]  NEW: added MusicBrainz tag source for search via album name based on MusicBrainz.org
                   XML Web Service v2. (#19714, #19721)
[2018-01-27]  NEW: added MusicBrainz cover-only tag source for search via album name based on
                   MusicBrainz.org XML Web Service v2.
[2018-01-26]  FIX: runtime error when reading malformed APEv2 cover that has no cover-data.

Mp3Tag v2.86

Исправлены ошибки

[2018-01-24]  REL: VERSION 2.86 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2018-01-13]  FIX: action "Format value" for _FILENAME caused new file directory to be set also in
                   cases where file cannot be renamed.
[2018-01-10]  LNG: updated Bulgarian, Czech, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese-Brazil and
                   Slovenian language files.
[2018-01-10]  FIX: vendor string was not written when updating Vorbis Comments in Opus files.
[2018-01-08]  CHG: default tag panel field names are now auto-translated on language change.
                   (#23220, #22856, #22200)
[2018-01-08]  CHG: default file view column names are now auto-translated on language change.
                   (#23220, #22856, #22200)
[2018-01-08]  FIX: runtime error when parsing broken UFID ID3v2 frames. (#23295)
[2018-01-01]  FIX: runtime error when performing library cleanup directly after enabling library
                   option (since 2.85i).
[2017-12-21]  FIX: runtime error when performing save via keyboard shortcut while in-place editing
                   in the file list.
[2017-12-20]  FIX: importing tags via Discogs tag source set YEAR field to 0 for releases without
[2017-12-20]  FIX: file list selection mark was wrong in some cases after deleting, removing or
                   moving files.
[2017-12-19]  NEW: added option to cleanup the database from orphaned files.
[2017-12-13]  NEW: added preferences page to enable the Library and to configure included
[2017-12-11]  CHG: attempting a more graceful shutdown on out-of-memory conditions.
[2017-12-10]  FIX: deleting non-standard files from file view did not update file list (since
[2017-12-08]  FIX: sync issue between actual file information fields (i.e., size, modification
                   timestamps, ...) and internal representation (since 2.85b).
[2017-12-07]  FIX: runtime error when adding files to an already running instance via the Windows
                   Explorer context-menu extension (since 2.85b).
[2017-12-07]  FIX: file renaming collision when target file was already in database but removed
                   externally (since 2.85b).
[2017-12-07]  FIX: info fields were not updated in database when tags were written or removed (since
[2017-12-07]  FIX: actions that caused a directory to be renamed did not update the database entries
                   (since 2.85b).
[2017-12-06]  CHG: improved library reading performance on subsequent reads by using an internal
[2017-12-02]  CHG: MP4 tag fields are not truncated to 255 characters anymore. (#23176)
[2017-11-26]  FIX: runtime error when adding cover art to Ogg Vorbis or Opus files (since 2.85a).
[2017-11-22]  CHG: improved memory consumption especially for large music libraries.
[2017-11-22]  CHG: changes regarding cover art are now also part of undo information.
[2017-11-16]  FIX: tag sources framework function 'json_foreach' now also works with arrays as
                   unnamed JSON root element. (#23165)

Mp3Tag v2.85

Исправлены ошибки

[2017-10-25]  REL: VERSION 2.85 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
FIX: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) was prevented from shutting down
                   without user interaction in some cases.

Mp3Tag v2.84a

Исправлены ошибки

[2017-08-26]  REL: VERSION 2.84a (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-08-26]  FIX: Windows XP based and Wine-based installations (macOS/Linux) had problems with
                   HTTP/HTTPS connections.

Mp3Tag v2.84

Исправлены ошибки

Mp3tag v2.84 — This version adds support for Nero-style chapter tags and adds two cover-only Tag Sources to import album covers via Discogs.

Have a look at the History of changes to get an overview over all the other changes and fixes.

Mp3Tag v2.83

Исправлены ошибки


[2017-06-23]  REL: VERSION 2.83 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-06-23]  NEW: added MP4 column to tag-field mappings overview table in documentation.
[2017-06-22]  CHG: removed Amazon tag sources after Amazon.com invalidated Mp3tag's web services
[2017-06-19]  CHG: Discogs tag source name is now correctly capitalized.
[2017-06-19]  LNG: updated Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Polish and Turkish language files.
[2017-06-18]  NEW: added Discogs Release ID tag source to directly search by Discogs Release ID.
[2017-06-18]  NEW: added support for ISRC field in cue sheets. (#12046)
[2017-06-18]  CHG: main performer from cue sheet is now mapped to ALBUMARTIST (instead of ALBUM
                   ARTIST). (#12046)
[2017-06-17]  FIX: special characters in main performer from cue sheet were not correctly converted
                   when writing. (#12046)
[2017-06-17]  FIX: cue sheets that started with a different track number than 1 were not read.
[2017-06-17]  FIX: checkboxes at dialog for cover export were not labeled correctly (since 2.82b).
[2017-06-16]  FIX: tags saved to wrong file when auto-save was enabled and column-click in file list
                   changed the file order. (#22571)
[2017-06-15]  FIX: Discogs Web Source had problems with certain artists which resulted in obsolete
                   comma after artist name. (#21603, #22494)
[2017-06-14]  FIX: sort arrow was incorrectly shown for next column after adding or removing a
                   column left from the sort column. (#15855, #20154)
[2017-06-13]  NEW: added option to restrict action-based cover export to certain cover type.
[2017-06-10]  FIX: added detection of non-iTunes custom tags which are now kept unmodified during
[2017-06-10]  FIX: encoding of cover art for Opus did not always include Base64 padding (which was
                   problematic for some players).
[2017-06-10]  NEW: added support for stripping Nero-style chapter information from MP4 files via
                   context-menu in the file list.
[2017-06-10]  NEW: added support for detecting Nero-style MP4 tags and reporting via %_tag% if
[2017-06-10]  FIX: runtime error at Export if loop limit exceeded actual export result set size.
                   (#20595, #22557)
[2017-06-10]  LNG: added Indonesian language file.
[2017-05-04]  FIX: possible index overflow at $substr() scripting function.

Mp3Tag v2.82

Исправлены ошибки


[2017-04-29]  REL: VERSION 2.82 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-04-28]  FIX: mp4 atoms with errorneous data size descriptors were not detected. (#22429)
[2017-04-21]  FIX: after closing the filter window via the x symbol, focus was still on the now
                   invisible filter window. (#20831)
[2017-04-21]  FIX: auto-numbering wizard did not consider track-number offset when determining
                   amount of leading zeros. (#22396)
[2017-04-21]  FIX: removed text-length limitation from track number field at tag panel. (#20106)
[2017-04-21]  FIX: some actions allowed to create empty tag fields for certain tag formats. (#18139,
[2017-04-18]  CHG: removed associate tag from Amazon.de web sources.
[2017-04-17]  FIX: unicode characters in filenames where not supported when exporting configuration
                   to zip file. (#22377)
[2017-04-17]  FIX: scripting functions $meta(x), $meta(x,n) and $meta_sep(x,sep) did not create
                   matches in square bracket notion. (#21937, #21938)
[2017-04-13]  CHG: updated Vorbis to version 1.3.5.
[2017-04-13]  CHG: updated Ogg to version 1.3.2.
[2017-04-13]  CHG: updated FLAC to version 1.3.2.
[2017-04-13]  CHG: updated zlib to version 1.2.11.
[2017-04-12]  CHG: updated Opus to version 1.1.4 and Opusfile to 0.7.
[2017-04-12]  NEW: added reading of WavPack version.
[2017-04-12]  CHG: updated WavPack to version 5.1.0.
[2017-04-12]  FIX: removed DATE from list of default tag field names. (#22226)
[2017-03-19]  FIX: renaming directories via action 'Format value' also affected files where the
                   folder path contained the renamed directory string. (#22216)
[2017-03-18]  FIX: preserving the file modification date on write operations resulted in an 1h
                   offset of the file creation date if daylight saving time status was different.
[2017-03-13]  FIX: installer did not default to English for unsupported languages. (#22115, #22196)

Mp3Tag v2.81


google translate :

[2017-02-17] REL: версия 2.81 (для Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7/2008 / Vista / 2003 / XP SP3)
------------ -------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
[2017-02-06] NEW: добавлена ​​поддержка ITunes специфичные для ID3v2 поле группировки тег grp1 как группирование.
[2017-02-05] NEW: добавлена ​​поддержка для чтения ID3v2.2 ITunes полей тегов для классической музыки ДВИЖЕНИЯ,
[2017-01-23] FIX: автоматическое создание списка воспроизведения используются предыдущие значения после тега экономии.
[2017-01-07] NEW: добавлена ​​поддержка нажмите и удерживайте жест на окне арт обложки, чтобы вызвать контекст
                   меню на сенсорных устройствах.
[2016-12-17] FIX: регресс где URL ID3v2 поля (WWW *) были случайно написаны, как многозначные
                   поля (начиная с v2.80a).
[2016-12-15] FIX: Значение переполнения при вычислении битрейт для больших VBR MP3-файлов, которые привели к
                   отрицательные битрейтом.
[2016-12-14] СПГ: добавлена ​​корсиканский язык установки и обновления чешской и файлы турецкого языка.
[2016-12-12] CHG: обновлены иконки программы установки и графики.
[2016-12-11] NEW: Добавлен режим портативного установки, который хранит настройки в каталоге приложения
                   и не записывает информацию в реестр.
[2016-12-11] NEW: Теперь программа установки просит возвышения администратора контроля учетных записей в случае, если его запустить из не-администратора
                   учетная запись пользователя.
[2016-12-11] CHG: изменен установщик и приложение угадать язык пользователя вместо того, чтобы спрашивать пользователя.
[2016-12-11] NEW: улучшенный инсталлятор интерфейс для экранов с высоким разрешением с высокими настройками DPI (DPI
[2016-12-11] NEW: добавлена ​​информация о версии в программу установки.
[2016-12-11] NEW: добавлена ​​оценка размера к деинсталлятор.
[2016-12-07] NEW: добавлена ​​заполнители для доступа путь к файлу текущего активного списка воспроизведения, т.е.
                   % _playlist_filename%,% _playlist_filename_ext% И% _playlist_folderpath%.
[2016-12-06] FIX: переименование файлов с помощью прямого редактирования в списке файлов в% _filepath% колонке
                   автоматически удаляются завершающие пробелы.
[2016-12-05] Исправление: улучшена соответствие спецификации ID3v2 путем добавления завершающего 0х00 для текста
[2016-12-02] FIX: рандомизации отфильтрованный список файлов, нажав на заголовок первого столбца приводит к
                   сброс содержимого списка.
[2016-11-30] FIX: отсутствует Breadcrumb ссылки в разделе справки для "Конфигурация> Метки> Mapping" и
                   недостающее звено от "Конфигурация> Метки"
[2016-11-29] FIX: конвертер 'Tag - файл' Обработанные пути, которые были построены из значений полей
                   содержащие символы косой черты, как родственника.

original :

[2017-02-17]  REL: VERSION 2.81 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2017-02-06]  NEW: added support for iTunes-specific ID3v2 grouping tag field GRP1 as GROUPING.
[2017-02-05]  NEW: added support for reading ID3v2.2 iTunes tag fields for classical music MOVEMENT,
[2017-01-23]  FIX: automatic playlist creation used previous values after tag save.
[2017-01-07]  NEW: added support for press and hold gesture on cover art window to trigger context
                   menu on touch devices.
[2016-12-17]  FIX: regression where URL ID3v2 fields (WWW*) were accidentally written as multi-value
                   fields (since v2.80a).
[2016-12-15]  FIX: value overflow when calculating bitrate for large VBR MP3 files which resulted in
                   negative bitrates.
[2016-12-14]  LNG: added Corsican installer language and updated Czech and Turkish language files.
[2016-12-12]  CHG: updated installer icons and graphics.
[2016-12-11]  NEW: added portable installation mode that stores settings in application directory
                   and doesn't write information to the registry.
[2016-12-11]  NEW: installer now asks for UAC admin elevation in case if its run from a non-admin
                   user account.
[2016-12-11]  CHG: changed installer and application to guess user language instead of asking user.
[2016-12-11]  NEW: improved installer UI for high-resolution screens with high DPI settings (DPI
[2016-12-11]  NEW: added version information to installer.
[2016-12-11]  NEW: added size estimation to uninstaller.
[2016-12-07]  NEW: added placeholders to access file path of current active playlist, i.e.,
                   %_playlist_filename%, %_playlist_filename_ext% and %_playlist_folderpath%.
[2016-12-06]  FIX: renaming files via direct-editing in file list in %_filepath% column
                   automatically removed trailing blanks.
[2016-12-05]  FIX: improved ID3v2 specification compliance by adding terminating 0x00 for text
[2016-12-02]  FIX: randomizing a filtered file list by clicking on first column header resulted in
                   resetting of list contents.
[2016-11-30]  FIX: missing breadcrumb links in help topic for "Configuration > Tags > Mapping" and
                   missing link from "Configuration > Tags"
[2016-11-29]  FIX: converter 'Tag - Filename' treated paths that were built from field values
                   containing slash characters as relative.