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Tunnelier 7.45

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Changes in Bitvise SSH Client 7.45:    [ 11 August 2018 ]

  • Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh previously did not implement strict size limits or sanitization of content before displaying or logging strings received from a remote party. Much stricter size limits and sanitization are now implemented.

  • Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh now report the size of the Diffie Hellman group actually used in DH key exchange. This is useful with key exchange methods that use DH group exchange, where there was previously no straightforward way to know what size group was used.

  • Importing an empty public key file would cause the SSH Client's Host key manager to hang indefinitely. Fixed.

  • When loading an SSH Client profile, the SSH Client's Remote Desktop tab failed to update the Remote Desktop width and/or height if the new value was 0 (the default value). Fixed.

Tunnelier 7.44

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Changes in Bitvise SSH Client 7.44:    [ 1 July 2018 ]

  • Cryptography: Implemented support for changes in Windows internal cryptographic structures in Windows Insider Preview Build 17704. This build was released to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring on June 27, 2018.

    Users who need to use earlier versions of our software on new Windows builds that change internal structures can work around compatibility issues by using the following key exchange algorithms: Curve25519ECDH over nistp256k1. These key exchange methods do not rely on Windows cryptography; however, our software does not provide them if FIPS mode is enabled in Windows. Other key exchange methods require upgrading our software to a version that supports the new Windows build.

Tunnelier 7.43

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Changes in Bitvise SSH Client 7.43:    [ 19 June 2018 ]

  • File transfer: Fixed issues in past Bitvise software versions that resulted in incorrect file times when using subsecond times with SFTP protocol versions 4 and 6. This would result in incorrect last modified times after a file transfer which affected, on average, about one in several hundred files. Affected files would receive a last modified timestamp incorrect by up to 7+ minutes.

  • Authentication: Fixed issues in password change dialog behavior if the original password was modified.

  • Installation: Updated installer and uninstaller manifests to reduce the likelihood that Windows will incorrectly run the Program Compatibility Assistant during or after installation. This mainly affects older Windows versions such as Windows 7.

Tunnelier 7.42

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Changes in Bitvise SSH Client 7.42:    [ 11 May 2018 ]

  • The End User License Agreement has been updated to try to bring it closer to the requirements of states and their contractors. Terms are otherwise unchanged. Situations in which licenses can be transferred are now laid out so that no permission will be needed in most cases.

  • The SSH Client now includes a new build of the SSH Server Remote Control Panel (WRC) for use with SSH Server versions 7.21 and above. The new build incorporates improvements to the SSH Server Control Panel since version 7.26.

    The SSH Client continues to include older versions of the Remote Control Panel for use with older SSH Server versions. Those remain unchanged.

  • The graphical SSH Client will no longer mark a profile as changed when a password is changed, but the password is not configured to be saved in the profile.

Tunnelier 7.41

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Changes in Bitvise SSH Client 7.41:    [ 29 April 2018 ]

  • This is not a new feature release, but a successor to 7.39 with continued maintenance updates. (We skip over versions containing zeros to avoid ambiguities. For example, 7.04 and 7.40 might both be referred to as "7.4".)

  • This version continues an upgrade amnesty. Any Bitvise SSH Client activation code that could activate a previous 7.xx version will also activate this version.

  • SSH:
    • Fixed an issue in zlib compression provided by the Crypto++ library. There existed a race condition which could cause data to be decompressed incorrectly in specific circumstances. (The circumstances required for this to happen do not appear to exist in the graphical Bitvise SSH Client or its command line clients.)

    • Fixed a denial of service attack vector. This remains to be described in more detail.

  • File transfer:
    • When performing unattended file transfers, the command line client sftpc would previously send a fire-and-forget SSH_FXP_CLOSE message followed by immediately closing the SFTP channel and the SSH session. Depending on circumstances such as network latency, Bitvise SSH Server versions up to and including 7.39 could fail to process the SSH_FXP_CLOSE request and incorrectly log that the final transfer may not have completed as intended. This has been fixed in the SSH Server with version 7.41. But also, sftpc will no longer send a fire-and-forget SSH_FXP_CLOSE before exiting.

    • In the SFTP interface of the graphical SSH Client, in the Move to... dialog, removed a limit that incorrectly prevented entering more than a fixed number of characters. This prevented use of the Move to feature with long paths and file names.

Tunnelier 7.39

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Changes in Bitvise SSH Client 7.39:    [ 20 January 2018 ]

  • SFTP: In past 7.xx versions, Bitvise SSH Client and FlowSsh would perform a Resume check regardless of the type of server if Overwrite was enabled for upload. We suspect this could cause creation of an empty file with the same name on servers that support creation of multiple files with the same name.

    The Resume check will no longer be performed when connected to a server that does not support SFTP v6 check-fileand check-file-blocks extensions. With a server that supports these extensions, the Resume check will continue to be performed for Overwrite, since in this case Resume and Overwrite are the same operation.


Tunnelier 7.36

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Changes in Bitvise SSH Client 7.36:    [ 27 November 2017 ]

  • Development, licensing, and US export control:
    • This is the first version of Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh published from the United States.

    • All assets, operations, relationships, and agreements related to Bitvise software development and licensing; including license agreements for use of Bitvise software by users; have been transferred from Bitvise Limited incorporated in Gibraltar, to Bitvise Limited now incorporated in Texas.

    • Final builds are now performed in Texas. Our software development continues in Slovenia, Germany, and Hungary, and may include developers elsewhere in the future.

    • This move is an administrative change. Our development, ownership, pricing, support, terms and policies and relationship to customers generally remain the same.

    • For the purpose of export from the United States, our SSH Server, SSH Client and FlowSsh are self-classified as Mass-Market products using the ECCN 5D992, with the encryption authorization type identifier MMKT. These denote eligibility under License Exception ENC § 740.17(b)(1) of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

    • Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh now come with new license agreements. Users must review the new EULAs, even though the terms remain substantially the same. We apologize for this inconvenience, and have attempted to draft the agreements in a way that this might not be necessary very often.

  • SSH:
    • Windows 10 version 1709, OS build 17046.1000, changed internal Windows structures in a way that prevented Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh from obtaining the agreed value in DH or ECDH key exchange. This prevented successful SSH connections using this new Windows build. Fixed.

    • There exist SSH implementations based on WeOnlyDo, e.g. freeSSHd, which might not send failure description and language tag fields when sending an SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN_FAILURE message. Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client and FlowSsh will now behave as though these fields were sent as empty strings, instead of disconnecting due to an unexpected packet format.

  • Command line:
    • Fixed an issue in command line parsing – most relevant for sexecstermc, and sftpc – where parameters of the form -name=value would be assigned the last value provided anywhere in the command line; including in the trailing part that may contain one or more commands to run, which is a part from which parameters should not be parsed. Users who use scripts to construct command lines automatically, in a way that incorporates parts from untrusted sources – e.g. environment variable expansion or filename insertion where the source information may not be trusted – are suggested to upgrade. We also call attention to other ways such scripts can be vulnerable if they do not thoroughly validate inputs – for example, by exploiting the & operator if executed using the Command Prompt shell.

  • sexec:
    • Now supports the command line parameter -git, which is shorthand for the new parameters -cmdQuoted and -exitZero. This allows sexec to be more easily configured for use with Git.

    • Now supports the command line parameter -cmdQuoted. This can be used when the remote command to execute is provided outside of the -cmd=... parameter, but is enclosed in single or double quotes.

    • Now supports the command line parameter -exitZero. If the remote command executes and returns exit code 0, this will cause sexec to return exit code 0 as well.

    • Now supports the command line parameter -p <portNr>. This can be used to specify the port number instead of -port=<portNr>.


Tunnelier 7.35

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Changes in Bitvise SSH Client 7.35:    [ 16 September 2017 ]

    • Fixed an issue which would cause a crash when all files are removed from the download or upload queue.
    • Fixed visual artifacts that would arise while resizing in the SFTP Download or Upload window.
  • SFTP compatibility:

    • We have identified two compatibility issues in current and past versions of mod_sftp for ProFTPD:

      • When using SFTP versions 4-6, when a client requests attributes not supported by mod_sftp, the server returns an incorrectly encoded response. With past Bitvise SSH Client and FlowSsh versions, this would result in a disconnect.
      • When using SFTP version 6, mod_sftp indicates support for the check-file extensions, but disconnects if the client requests the server to hash a larger file block by block. This prevents Bitvise SSH Client and FlowSsh from performing hash-based synchronization of file content, which would normally be used instead of Resume or Overwrite if check-file extensions can be used.

      We expect these issues to be resolved in future mod_sftp versions. However, mod_sftp now comes configured by default to not send its version in the SSH version string. A client therefore cannot distinguish between a newer version that will contain these fixes, and an older version which does not.

      At this time, Bitvise SSH Client and FlowSsh will avoid the known compatibility issues by restricting SFTP protocol version to 3 when mod_sftp is detected. We would like to lift this restriction in the future if there arises a way to detect the mod_sftp version early enough.

    • We have identifed a compatibility issue with Van Dyke VShell:

      • When using SFTP version 6, the VShell server indicates support for the check-file extensions, but does not support block-by-block hashing. This prevents Bitvise SSH Client and FlowSsh from performing hash-based synchronization of file content, which would normally be used instead of Resume or Overwrite if check-file extensions can be used.
      • At this time, hash-based synchronization will be avoided when connecting to VShell, and Resume and Overwrite will be used instead.
      • If VShell chooses to implement support for block-by-block hashing, Bitvise SSH Client and FlowSsh will once more use this functionality if the server advertises the extension name check-file-blocks in its supported2 packet.
    • Bitvise SSH Client and FlowSsh will now recognize the check-file extension indicator in the supported2 packet as required by the SFTP extensions draft, in addition to check-file-name and check-file-handle.

    • Bitvise SSH Client and FlowSsh will now recognize a check-file-blocks extension sent by servers. We suggest that future SFTP server implementations advertise support for check-file-blocks if all of the following are true:


      • The server supports block-by-block file hashing.
      • Any reasonable block size requested by the client is supported.
      • A file can be hashed block-by-block starting from an arbitrary offset.


  • Fixed an issue which would cause available public keys to be displayed incorrectly on the Login tab, under Authentication, after a profile was closed.
  • Fixed issues involving the launch shortcut icons on the left side of the main SSH Client window. One issue would cause the SSH Client to crash if an icon was dragged out of the shortcut bar in the up direction.

Tunnelier 7.34

Исправлены ошибки

Changes in Bitvise SSH Client 7.34:    [ 1 August 2017 ]

  • This version fixes a memory leak introduced in version 7.31.

Tunnelier 7.32

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Changes in Bitvise SSH Client 7.32:    [ 7 July 2017 ]

  • In Windows 10, there appears to be an undocumented change in the GetConsoleTitle function. In previous versions, this would prevent our command line clients (such as sftpcstermcsexecstnlc) from starting when a long command line was used.
  • In response to attacks on SHA-1, a number of server administrators appear to be reducing supported key exchange algorithms to only diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256. This algorithm involves compatibility issues arising from the dynamic generation of DH group parameters, and was disabled in recent SSH Client versions unless enabled explicitly on the SSH tab. Because some servers support only this algorithm, it is now enabled again by default, but algorithms without group exchange will be preferred, if available.