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Core FTP Lite 2.2 (build 1927)

Исправлены ошибки

Core FTP Lite (build 1922

Исправлены ошибки

Version 2.2 (build 1922), updated June 13th, 2018

Timeout disconnect sets buttons to correct state 
Auto-reconnect option fixed for SFTP 
Putty compat mode 3des/des issues fixed
Cipher order issues for putty fixed 
Putty compat mode not setting Nagle correctly (resulted in slower transfers)
Cmd line upload "permission denied" return value fixed (did not return error)
Cmd line download path/filename issues fixed (fixes problems in builds 1917-1919)

Core FTP Lite 2.2 (build 1917)

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Core FTP Lite 2.2 (build 1915)

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Version 2.2 (build 1915), updated March 28th, 2018

SFTP fixes/updates for key-exchange rsa-sha2-256/512 (rsa256/512)
Site Advanced -> Script/Cmd scroll issues fixed
Cmd line filename time format option (%Y%m%d %HH%MM%SS) 
Cmd line -dateformat option required for time format above (-dateformat -d /path/filename%Y%m%d.txt)
Cmd line -d ftp://u:p@hostname/path/filename without -s issue fixed.
Help file updates

Core FTP Lite 2.2 (build 1912)

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ersion 2.2 (build 1912), updated November 8th, 2017 

SFTP ECDH updates 
SFTP putty SSH2_MSG_UNIMPLEMENTED issues fixed 
Shortcut ftp://user:pass@domain/ refresh issue fixed 
MFMT option added (Proflie -> Advanced -> Transfers) 

Core FTP Lite 2.2 (build 1910)

Исправлены ошибки

Version 2.2 (build 1910), updated October 25th, 2017 

Crash on putty host key verification cancel, fixed 
Remote directory not loading from cmd line (-site sitename) 
SFTP hmac order fixes (hmac-sha1-96 connection issues) 
SFTP fingerprint prompt default to cancel, fixed 
SFTP "Accepted SSH Keys" removal issues fixed 
SFTP receive timeout issue fixed 
Scripting updates for transferring lists of files 

Core FTP Lite 2.2 (build 1907)

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Version 2.2 (build 1907), updated October 4th, 2017 

SFTP Cmd line transfer timeouts fixed (issues in build 1899) 
Cmd line URL wildcard transfer LE version fixed 
Putty compat updated to v0.70 
Chacha cipher support added 
ECDSA keys and key exchange support added 
ssh-ed25519 key exchange support added 
Backward compat issues/fixes for ciphers 
Client fingerprint updates (backward compatible)

Core FTP Lite 2.2 (build 1899)

Version 2.2 (build 1899), updated August 30th, 2017 

OpenSSL dependency updates (fixes issues on 32-bit Win7-Win10) 
Scheduler edit path updating issue fixed 
Scheduler crash fixes 
Cert wizard crash fixes 
Bug with dropped connections during download,caused hang, fixed 
Checks during queue download for lost connection 
Download buffer overflow issue fixed 
Added additional buffer for transfers 
Cmd line /MDTM and /NOMDTM options added 
Cmd line /OFFSET <hours> option added 
Cmd line /Filter <filtername> 
Cmd line URL remote startup path fixed 
Cmd line URL with -d or -u updates/fixes 
Cmd line (exe w/-site) remote directory issue fixed 
SSH/SFTP dh-group14-sha1 re-enabled 
SSH/SFTP FIPS cipher updates (order and allowed) 
SSH/SFTP fixes for serv-u/wingftp servers

Core FTP Lite 2.2 (build 1895)

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SFTP updates - sha2-512/384 only allowed with gex (solves various connection issues) 
-key <optional password> cmd line option added 
-nopasswd cmd line option added (same as adv->general->do not prompt) 
-sftp cmd line added (same as -ssh) 

Core FTP Lite 2.2 (build 1894)

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Version 2.2 (build 1894), updated May 16th, 2017 

OpenSSL upload speed improvements 
OpenSSL detect session reuse added 
OpenSSL security level option added (High crypto) 
Windows SSL security level option added (High crypto) 
Race condition with Windows SSL / session reuse fixed 
32-bit MSI installer SFTP module fixes