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Opera 45.0.2552.632

Исправлены ошибки

Opera 45.0.2552.453

Opera 45.0.2552.453 beta

 Maciej Kocemba

 Apr 20, 2017 (39)


Today’s beta update brings valuable fixes for recent, annoying issues as well as further improvements and security patches. It’ll be worth updating your browser for these fixes.

The most notable repairs:

  • Smaller installer package
  • Fix for memory leak when watching videos
  • Fixed problem for some pages not rendering when opening in a new tab

Beta was enriched with a security patch to prevent possible phishing with unicode domains (that patch is already included in the latest Opera Developer). Sites with possible malicious intentions are much easier to spot.

Opera 44.0.2510.857

Исправлены ошибки

Opera 4.0.2510.849

Исправлены ошибки, обновлен движок хрома и перевод


  • There are few fixes backported and new translations included in this build.
  • Chromium was updated to version 57.0.2987.88.

Opera 44.0.2510.433

44.0.2510.433 – 2017-03-09 blog post

  • CHR-6066 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-57-2510 to 57.0.2987.74
  • DNA-58435 [Win] Titlebar not displayed properly in maximized private window.
  • DNA-59480 [Mac] Broken Time remaining on battery saver dialog
  • DNA-59721 O44 translations integrate with stabilisation branch
  • DNA-59843 [Mac] Missing media capture indicator in tab

Opera 43.0.2442.991

Исправлены ошибки


  • DNA-58618 [MacOS <10.12]Extensions layout broken
  • DNA-58851 Heart menu cut off
  • DNA-59178 [Mac 10.9] Tab title display on top bar
  • DNA-59457 QUIC memory leak in O43

Opera 44.0.2494.0

44.0.2494.0 –  2017-02-06blog post

  • DNA-49758 [Mac] Paste and go option should only be available on link copied to clipboard
  • DNA-58578 Crash at opera::NotificationDialogView::SetResult(opera::OperaNotificationDelegate::NotificationResult, void*)
  • DNA-58587 Ctrl+F doesn’t focus on search bar when in Speed Dial
  • DNA-58733 O43 translations integrate with master
  • DNA-58782 Signing in as message in password manager bubble
  • DNA-58823 [Mac] TImeout on NavigatingExtensionPopupBrowserTest tests
  • DNA-58890 [Bookmarks] Heart menu broken
  • DNA-58910 [Linux] TextfieldTest tests fail
  • DNA-58926 opera::installer::Transaction should use std::unique_ptr instead of a plain ptr
  • DNA-58938 Show navigation panel when sidebar is hidden
  • DNA-58951 [Mac with touchbar] Opera hangs when opening and closing speed dial
  • DNA-58971 GTK config files imported on non-Linux plaforms
  • DNA-58975 [Mac] Application’s 16×16 icon seems to be broken
  • DNA-58990 [Linux] Alltests package is too big
  • DNA-58992 [Linux] Widevine paths don’t use Chromium libraries
  • DNA-59032 Sync login with wrong password results in “Something went wrong” on op-test
  • DNA-59040 Sync login on auth.opera.com broken after intake
  • DNA-59052 NOTREACHED() in power_save_button_view.cc
  • DNA-59066 Dependency issue with site_engagement.mojom-blink.h
  • DNA-59069 Clearing the Freedom revocation cache is not working
  • DNA-59072 Unable to unblock popups and insecure pages
  • DNA-59075 [Mac] *.opdownload 16×16 icon is broken
  • DNA-59079 Enable #touch-bar-ui on all streams

Opera 43.0.2442.52

Исправлены ошибки

Opera 43.0.2442.21

Исправлены ошибки

Opera 42.0.2393.94

Исправлены ошибки


42.0.2393.94 –  2016-12-20 blog post

  • DNA-57763 [CAT] Crash in KeyStorageKeyring::GetKey
  • DNA-58479 Crash at opera::BookmarkMenuDelegate::BookmarkNodeMoved(bookmarks::BookmarkModel*, bookmarks::BookmarkNode const*, int, bookmarks::BookmarkNode const*, int)
  • DNA-58498 Port Chromium’s fix for content::TextInputClientObserver::GetFocusedPepperPlugin crash to desktop-stable-55-2393