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Opera 57.0.3098.14

Исправлены ошибки


Get your hands on the new Opera 57 build we’ve prepared for you on the beta stream. You’ll find chromium updated to version 70.0.3538.32 there.

Beside that, there are a few bug fixes, such as:

  • changing wallpaper from SD’s context menu
  • too much spacing between favicons on the bookmark bar
  • popups opened in full screen mode
  • macOS Mojave users have a new shortcut for Snapshot, Cmd+Shift+2

Opera 57.0.3098.1

Исправлены ошибки

This is the last Opera 57 developer update. Next week we’re rolling out 58 cycle :).

Hearing your voices, we’ve added the possibility to close pinned tab without having to first unpin them. You can do it from tab’s context menu on all operating systems. Furthermore, macOS users can do that from File menu in the menu bar.

Most important fixes

  • Video content able to play in Mojave 10.14
  • [macOS] Shift + click on reload button reloads page bypassing cache
  • Crash caused by delated bookmarks
  • Translation fix on Settings page

Opera 57.0.3082.0

Исправлены ошибки

Hi guys,

Today you can try out our new Opera 57 developer build. We have improved the mechanism for opening new pages to avoid flashbang impressions. Please let us know if you like it.

We also replaced missing icons for Fedora systems.

Chromium was updated to version 70.0.3534.4.

Known issues:

  • Sync is disabled
  • DNA-72512 – Rate me dialog doesn’t show when accessed from settings
  • DNA-72530 – Add to Opera modal should close after adding suggestion

Opera 57.0.3065.0

Исправлены ошибки

Opera 57.0.3065.0 

 Ewa Mieżejewska

 Sep 3, 2018 (86)

Hi guys,

Today we prepared an Opera 57 developer update for you. Because many of you suggested to make new Settings page more compact, we have decreased space between the sections. Please let us know if you like it.

Also, we added a page zoom level indicator in the combined address and search bar. If you change the level of page zoom, you will see a pop-up informing you about it. You can then change the page’s zoom level by using +/- in the pop-up. If you have page zoom set to default for all pages, the zoom indicator won’t appear in the address bar until you change the zoom on one of the pages.

You can adjust the page zoom level for all web pages by going to Settings > BasicAppearance > Page zoom. If you have adjusted the zoom level for an individual website, go to Settings Advanced > Privacy and security > Content settings > Zoom levels.

Moreover, we added some improvements to the new enhanced address bar, a feature where you can access your Speed Dial from the address bar while browsing. Check out the available tools for the enhanced address bar by going to Settings > Appearance > Manage Quick Access.

Chromium was updated to version 70.0.3521.2.

The full changelog is here.

Known issue:

  • DNA-72221 – Personal news doesn’t work on opera:news page
  • DNA-72230 – [Win] AU doesn’t work for current user installation
  • DNA-72207 – Not able to remove extensions
  • DNA-72198 – Unable to empty bookmarks trash
  • DNA-72239 – [Win] Dialog with update notification is shown
  • no .snap packages today.

Opera 56.0.3051.0 dev

Исправлены ошибки

Opera 56.0.3037.0

Исправлены ошибки

Changelog for 56

 Kornelia Mielczarczyk

 Jul 2, 2018

56.0.3037.0 – 2018-08-06 blog post

  • CHR-6961 Enable site isolation feature by default
  • DNA-64323 [win] Content Blocked Badge – Left and right margin should be equal
  • DNA-70177 Navbar has colour on some internal pages
  • DNA-70757 Settings – Autofill – Add address – Ugly input fields
  • DNA-70924 [MAC] Asan builds fail on ContextMenuBrowserTest.RealMenu
  • DNA-70951 2Fa with Yubikey doesn’t work on Google Account
  • DNA-70958 O55 translations (12.07.2018)
  • DNA-71004 Extenstions – Extensions keyboard shortcuts button doesn’t work properly
  • DNA-71058 [Settings] [Win] Missing options on new Settings page
  • DNA-71061 TrackStatusChangesAfterPipelineEnded test is flaky
  • DNA-71137 [Mac] Extension popups wont open
  • DNA-71228 Dark mode for badge popup
  • DNA-71291 Improvements of Ad blocker on the Extensions page
  • DNA-71293 Only play animation when new tab is opened through “+” button
  • DNA-71309 Make installer look good in HDPI modes
  • DNA-71312 Improve performance of builddiff.py script
  • DNA-71390 Not possible to disable #enable-site-per-process flag
  • DNA-71394 Language setting checkbox is not visible when not hovered in dark mode
  • DNA-71425 Picture-in-Picture option available
  • DNA-71435 Minor layout enhancements
  • DNA-71444 [Linux] Middle click the ‘new tab’ button should paste from primary buffer
  • DNA-71462 Advanced sync settings – Chromium string visible
  • DNA-71471 Whitelist opr.addons API on Welcome Page
  • DNA-71493 Set “mac” CSS flag only on Macintosh
  • DNA-71513 Failed DCHECK in speeddial_suggestions_collector.cc:358
  • DNA-71517 No blink symbols in crashlogs for most configurations.
  • DNA-71525 Improve linking time on Windows by adjusting –mem_per_link_gb value
  • DNA-71530 [mac] “Developer” label is missing in menu
  • DNA-71532 [Installer] Opera Do More overlaps installation fail
  • DNA-71535 OMenu: sub-menu position was changed
  • DNA-71550 ‘Do not allow any site to track my physical location’ wrong translation for fr-CA
  • DNA-71560 [Dark mode] Text on Snapshot pop-up isn’t visible
  • DNA-71572 Crash at opera::ShouldTryKeychainReauthorize(NSString*, NSString*, NSString*, int)
  • DNA-71581 Unify spacing between sections
  • DNA-71583 Blinking while opening dark themed browser on SD page

Opera 56.0.3026.0

Исправлены ошибки

56.0.3026.0 – 2018-07-26 blog post

  • CHR-1591 Keyboard shortcuts now work even if a bubble popup is displayed
  • CHR-5574 Implementation of the Search And Copy Popup Tooltip.
  • DNA-65574 Simplify getting product Strings
  • DNA-68081 Add accessibility for media indicator in sidebar panel messenger icon
  • DNA-70743 Page zoom level indicator in address bar
  • DNA-70757 Settings – Autofill – Add address – Ugly input fields
  • DNA-70910 Move ExecuteCommand for web contents functionality to BrowserCommandController
  • DNA-71013 Remove OperaBubbleDelegateView::CloseBubble
  • DNA-71028 Create migration interface class and separate tests
  • DNA-71048 Assertion failures in MSEChangeTypeTest (media_unittests)
  • DNA-71154 Apply new installer welcome page design
  • DNA-71204 Remove kFeatureAdblockerFullTextRules flag
  • DNA-71207 Remove kFeatureScrollOnActiveTabOnClick, kFeatureRebornWin7AeroSkin and kFeatureShowMidiPermissionBadge flags
  • DNA-71209 Refactor code for drawing images in installer
  • DNA-71213 “Rate me” and “Opera help” link are missing in new settings
  • DNA-71225 [mac] Net Installer crash
  • DNA-71241 Update Polish translation for: Send news usage data to improve personalization
  • DNA-71252 Refactor rich edit functions into a class based on Control
  • DNA-71267 Page zoom level indicator should be behind a flag
  • DNA-71285 Zoom level indicator should respond to browsed domain change
  • DNA-71292 Add animation into start page
  • DNA-71298 Unreadable fonts in dark mode opera://settings/adBlockerLists
  • DNA-71301 Update Help links
  • DNA-71308 Apply new installer progress page design
  • DNA-71314 Use ffmpeg codec distributed by Ubuntu in Linux snap

Opera 54.0.2952.51

Исправлены ошибки

Opera 55.0.2991.0 dev

Исправлены ошибки

55.0.2991.0 – 2018-06-19 blog post

  • DNA-68144 [Win][Lin] Badge dialog anchor tip is overlapping icon
  • DNA-68635 Reintroduce Booking.com SD for users interested in Travel category
  • DNA-68898 Convert usages in desktop/browser/speeddial
  • DNA-69573 It’s possible to manually set chrome_url_overrides
  • DNA-69762 Enable flag on developer channel
  • DNA-69985 Enable “Chromium badge” in all streams
  • DNA-70101 [Win][Mac] Secure badge popup has no Site settings button
  • DNA-70338 Do not render set default browser prompt when not needed
  • DNA-70351 NI/USB doesn’t work on Win10/Win8 – caused by {upx, lld, /guard}
  • DNA-70364 [Settings] Missing option to import Cookies from other browsers
  • DNA-70401 Adapt test server for DNA-66354
  • DNA-70415 [Speedy] gn_opera treats additional GN args as speedy host
  • DNA-70418 [Settings] Missing visual focus of UI controls

Opera 55.0.2962.0

Исправлены ошибки