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  • Tunnelier 7.36

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Бесплатный для персонального использования SSH-клиент Tunnelier обеспечивает очень безопасное терминальное подсоединение. Может использоваться в даже в чрезвычайных ситуациях. Этот клиент удаленно управляет рабочим столом, удаленно конфигурирует настройки WinSSHD, и позволяет еще многое дистанционно.

Основные его возможности:

  • Клиент Tunnelier поддерживает аутентификацию DSA и RSA.
  • Используются все свойства SSH для передачи.
  • Динамическая передача данных сквозь встроенные прокси HTTP CONNECT и SOCKS.
  • Восстановление в автоматическом режиме.
  • Есть рекурсия при передаче вложенных папок.
  • Очень высокая скорость, при работе с WinSSHD до 5 Мбит/с, при поддержке самого канала.
  • Можно эмулировать терминал в консоли Windows.
  • Большое множество настроек для порта передачи.

Последние изменения

Исправлены ошибки

Changes in Bitvise SSH Client 7.36:    [ 27 November 2017 ]

  • Development, licensing, and US export control:
    • This is the first version of Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh published from the United States.

    • All assets, operations, relationships, and agreements related to Bitvise software development and licensing; including license agreements for use of Bitvise software by users; have been transferred from Bitvise Limited incorporated in Gibraltar, to Bitvise Limited now incorporated in Texas.

    • Final builds are now performed in Texas. Our software development continues in Slovenia, Germany, and Hungary, and may include developers elsewhere in the future.

    • This move is an administrative change. Our development, ownership, pricing, support, terms and policies and relationship to customers generally remain the same.

    • For the purpose of export from the United States, our SSH Server, SSH Client and FlowSsh are self-classified as Mass-Market products using the ECCN 5D992, with the encryption authorization type identifier MMKT. These denote eligibility under License Exception ENC § 740.17(b)(1) of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

    • Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh now come with new license agreements. Users must review the new EULAs, even though the terms remain substantially the same. We apologize for this inconvenience, and have attempted to draft the agreements in a way that this might not be necessary very often.

  • SSH:
    • Windows 10 version 1709, OS build 17046.1000, changed internal Windows structures in a way that prevented Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh from obtaining the agreed value in DH or ECDH key exchange. This prevented successful SSH connections using this new Windows build. Fixed.

    • There exist SSH implementations based on WeOnlyDo, e.g. freeSSHd, which might not send failure description and language tag fields when sending an SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN_FAILURE message. Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client and FlowSsh will now behave as though these fields were sent as empty strings, instead of disconnecting due to an unexpected packet format.

  • Command line:
    • Fixed an issue in command line parsing – most relevant for sexecstermc, and sftpc – where parameters of the form -name=value would be assigned the last value provided anywhere in the command line; including in the trailing part that may contain one or more commands to run, which is a part from which parameters should not be parsed. Users who use scripts to construct command lines automatically, in a way that incorporates parts from untrusted sources – e.g. environment variable expansion or filename insertion where the source information may not be trusted – are suggested to upgrade. We also call attention to other ways such scripts can be vulnerable if they do not thoroughly validate inputs – for example, by exploiting the & operator if executed using the Command Prompt shell.

  • sexec:
    • Now supports the command line parameter -git, which is shorthand for the new parameters -cmdQuoted and -exitZero. This allows sexec to be more easily configured for use with Git.

    • Now supports the command line parameter -cmdQuoted. This can be used when the remote command to execute is provided outside of the -cmd=... parameter, but is enclosed in single or double quotes.

    • Now supports the command line parameter -exitZero. If the remote command executes and returns exit code 0, this will cause sexec to return exit code 0 as well.

    • Now supports the command line parameter -p <portNr>. This can be used to specify the port number instead of -port=<portNr>.


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