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Miranda IM — известный многопротокольный менеджер сообщений в реальном времени под Microsoft Windows, работающий в самых популярных сетях, как ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo, AIM, MSN и т.д. Miranda потребляет мало ресурсов и быстра в работе.

Основные преимущества Миранды это расширяемость путем установки различных модулей-дополнений. Модули добавляют практически любые функции, их количество в данный момент огромно, и постоянно создаются новые. Инсталлируется такой модуль (плагин) очень просто - архив с ним нужно всего лишь распаковать в подкаталог Plugins в папке программы Miranda (иногда и прямо в эту папку).

Часть возможностей Miranda IM:

  • Возможно собрать собственную инсталляшку или "сборку" – так называемый Miranda pack.
  • Привычный интерфейс, дружественный для пользователя.
  • Нет рекламы или рекламных модулей, потребляющих интернет-трафик.
  • Miranda IM портативна и запускается с любого переносного USB-носителя или CD-диска.
  • Поддерживаются протоколы IRC, ICQ, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, AIM, IAX, MSN, Netsend, Yahoo, Tlen,.
  • Резервное копирование в самой программе.

Для русификации надо архив русификатора распаковать в папку программы - обычно это C:\Program Files\Miranda IM. Все другие файлы langpack_*.txt, что были там до этого надо удалить.

Последние изменения

Исправлены ошибки


Miranda can now be really built using Makefiles.
mirandaboot.ini: for the corporate users SilentUpgrade flag was added into mirandaboot.ini to silently upgrade database from dbx_mmap tp dbx_mdbx.
fixed some bugs which could lead to database destruction.
Miranda no longer allows you to copy the currently used database. The database must be copied only via Db_autobackups to prevent database destruction. Db_autobackups was added to the core package.
exe loader extracted to the separate module, now it's possible to compile all exe using shared runtime modules.
Core and libraries
updated libcurl, liblua, libmdbx, libpng, libtox, libsodium, PCRE and SQLite libraries.
merged StdIdle with mir_app. Idle now a part of StdAutoAway, so Idle can not work with AdvancedAutoAway (StatusManager module) simultaneously.
added Phoenix detection.
added new functions to access mirandaboot.ini from all plugins
Profile_GetSetting() — reads a string from mirandaboot.ini
Profile_GetSettingInt() — reads an integer from mirandaboot.ini
don't close "Create new account" window forcefully if user not set account name.
fake Dummy account types shall not be available for addition.
fixed Cyrillic receiving.
fixed contact search.
fixed crash on file receive.
added Cancel button to registration confirmation dialog.
added ability to get own vcard from remote server.
fixed broken folder name in MRA file transfers.
fixed receiving files from Desktop client clipboard.
protocol menu items shouldn't be displayed for non-Sametime contacts.
protocol menu items shouldn't be displayed for non-Steam contacts.
if contact nick is null add Tox ID instead.
Adapted plugin: ProxySwitch.
plugin menu items shouldn't be displayed for non-IM contacts.
frames settings are no longer reset when changing the language.
frames settings are no longer reset when changing the language.
fix a bug due to which when connecting to only some protocols, the notification area icon shows offline icon.
Backup profile folder option now excludes backup folder from resulting archive to prevent recursion (each new copy contains all previous ones, which leads to the exhaustion of free space).
fixed wrong date in archive header.
libmdbx extracted to separate dll.
added Phoenix support.
added more smooth Conversations icon.
added ability to import history in JSON format.
added ability to import history in mContacts format.
plugin shouldn't import .bak second time in service mode.
deprecated. Use Import instead.
reworked http module.
removed Send method.
added Request method to create request without sending.
added async callbacks.
added new helper function luaM_isarray.
fixed print of decimal point.
m_json module
added __pairs metamethod support.
m_http module
send function should create copy of request object to prevent side effects in async calls.
fixed lua functions call.
fixed memory leaks.
add ability to compile scripts.
added "Evaluate" option page.
added open and openPage into m_options.
plugin menu items shouldn't be displayed for non-IM contacts.
added ability to export messages to JSON.
added Stable version with debug symbols update channel.
updater now deletes debug symbols (*.pdb) if update channel switched from "with sdebug symbols" to "without debug symbols".
if user changes the update channel, the updater will be called automatically.
Google drop access to quotes and currency conversion, so
renamed plugin to CurrencyRates.
dropped quotes part.
replaced Google currency conversion by free.currencyconverterapi.com.
added Send message on Shift+Enter option.
added button to the TabSRMM toolbar.
removed obsolete option Enable built-in message dialog support.
removed Smiley button option. Toolbar buttons for all plugins are configurable from the Options → Message sessions → Toolbar. There is no need to duplicate the same functionality in the plugin settings.
added ability to react to terminal session disconnection.
added Enter idle mode option.
added View/change my details... button for TopToolBar.
removed bugged and not working Remember and set keyboard layout per contact and Automatic keyboard layout: Do not load the system default for new contacts options. The current keyboard layout in the status bar is also removed because it can not exist without these settings.
removed useless Enable typing sounds option. Users still can assign sound to this action in "Sounds".
fixed message text highlighting
added View/change my details... button for TopToolBar.

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